Buildex 自攻鏍絲包含Buildex專利Chimaseal 3的抗腐蝕塗層,適用於各類型檁條及鋼板安裝

  • 特殊機械鍍鋅,有更強抗腐蝕性保護
  • 採用真實自然環境測試,可同時抵受酸雨、鹽霧、潮濕和紫外線四大主要環境腐蝕考驗
  • 配備高性能EPDM墊片,在極端環境亦能保持彈性
  • 鋼材
  • 一般戶外環境,以至中至重度工業地區,中度海岸地區
  • A mechanically deposited zinc alloy coating giving excellent galvanic protection.
  • A chromate conversion coating to passivate the zinc alloy, further inhibiting coating loss.
  • An aluminium filled polyester coating with good all-round corrosion and long-term weathering resistance
  • Minimal risk of coating damage during installation thanks to new, tougher coating formulaBetter driving performance because of a smoother, harder finish
  • Superior performance in extreme temperatures, developed and tested in Australia for Australasian conditions
  • Effective sealing of roofing sheets/cladding and reduced corrosion with an improved black non-conductive EPDM seal. The black seal remains elastic in temperature extremes, and will not breakdown and allow water entry
  • 鋼材
  • General external use in mild and moderate industrial, and mild marine applications